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Irenita Total Air Sport Boots (for one horse - set of 4)

Irenita Total Air Sport Boots (for one horse - set of 4)

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The Irenita Total Air Sport Boots are able to help regulate the temperature of tendons, keeping them as cool as possible whilst protecting legs from impact. Husk boots are trusted by the best players in the world to reduce the chance of injury through patented technology.

The Irenita Total Air Sport Boot is made with HUSK’s 6 dimensional air flow technology which allows air to flow between the layers as well as enabling heat and water to escape.

This boot has 360 degree protection and is by far the best all round protection for your horse.

HUSK’s incredible technology ensures that the boots are super light, breathable, protective, and clean all at once! HUSK's Irenita Boots are also 100% waterproof, so no matter the weather, your horses legs will always be protected from the elements.

The elastics are cleverly designed by HUSK to ensure durability, structure and the inability to over tighten, yet to hold the boot firmly in place. Wide straps also used to create a larger surface area and weaken pressure points. A healthier choice of leg protection for your horse.

The boots are ethically made in the UK with love, care and attention, and all quality checked before dispatch.

***If you have a custom requirement not listed in the variants please email and we'll do our best to help ***

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